Kenshukai Shitoryu
When the creator of Shitoryu died, many variants of the style were founded. Eiji Ogasahara, a direct student of Kenwa Mabuni, created the Kenshukai Shitoryu school by creating the Japan Kenshukai Karate Association.  Master Ogasahara, 9th dan, was born in 1936 and sadly passed away in 2011.  He started Karate in 1950 with Harumoto, a student of Abe and Mabuni, in the garden of his house in private lessons.  Sohan Eiji Ogasahara was the Honourary President of WUKO and obtained the Knight of the Ordre National du Mérite, a high honour conferred by France together with the knighthood of the Ordre de Palmes Academiques conferred by the French-Japanese Society “de Kobe”: the two most prestigious honours conferred to a Karate master in the world ever.

Seiken Shudo Kai
The Seiken Shudo Kai was formed in 1991 and represents Kenshukai Shitoryu in Europe.  The name means school of the true path via the hand.  The association is open to all those that wish to learn or deepen their understanding of Shitoryu even if they are already practitioners of a different Shitoryu school.

The branch was formed by Master Sei Iwasa, 8th dan for the preservation of the martial arts side of Shitoryu.  Shihan Iwasa was appointed the technical director for the style of Shitoryu for WUKO in 2007.  Master Iwasa began Karate in 1967 with Master Ogasahara in Kobe.  In 1981, he moved to Europe and was assistant to Master Nakahashi, who was also a student of Master Ogasahara.  Master Iwasa works with Master Ishimi, 9th dan, who is resident in Spain for the spread of Shitoryu in Europe.

The senior instructors of Siu Loong Kenshukai Karate-do are taught by Shihan Iwasa, to ensure the highest standards are achieved.

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